Innovative, Reliable, Industrial Grade Solar

Solar power is the world’s fastest growing source of energy. Through patented innovations to drive down costs and increase performance of solar PV systems, Merit SI and Merit Controls founders helped advance global solar adoption and now bring utility-scale solar best practices and energy storage solutions to industrial clients.

Client Focused, Innovation Driven

Merit SI offers development capacities, design/build services and energy asset agreements that require zero capital investment to maximize cost-effective solar production. Merit Controls provides advanced, proven grid integration products and services for large-scale commercial, industrial and utility power generation. With deep expertise in conventional and renewable energy, utilities, and power markets, Merit SI and Merit Controls continue a tradition of industry-leading innovation.

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Veterans of Renewable Energy

Merit SI and Merit Controls founders are experienced entrepreneurs who sold their first venture backed by Turner Enterprises to First Solar, a leading module manufacturer and turnkey plant provider. As former executives of First Solar, they led solar systems engineering and designed the world’s first control system enabling solar power to provide essential grid services beyond variable energy. After designing and safely energizing over 2,000 megawatts of the world’s largest solar power plants, they founded Merit SI to bring sustainable energy to critical infrastructure operators. Additionally, Merit Controls was launched to provide developers, EPCs and owners with compliant, efficient modeling services and power plant control solutions, all in one platform. A repeat investment of Turner Enterprises brought capital, strategic relationships and additional finance expertise to the team.

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