Merit SI is committed to creating a safe and healthy environment for our employees, vendors, and customers. Every member of our team is passionate about safety and committed to a zero-incident workplace. Our goal is to not only have zero incidents but for each worker to be able to evaluate unique situations and proactively create safe work practices, to ensure all return home safely each day to their family. We believe that all Health, Safety & Environmental (HS&E) incidents, injuries and illnesses can be prevented with proper proactive planning, employee training, constant awareness, diligent enforcement and thoughtful care.

To ensure this, each employee is provided with the knowledge and equipment needed to work safely and knowledgeably within our HS&E framework of Cornerstone, Grounding, and Execution.


It is the responsibility of every Merit SI employee and vendor to promote a culture of safety. Doing so requires us to provide the proper tools, training and reinforcement to make safety a reality. Together we build an effective team-based safety culture so that safety is our top priority, not just a slogan.


Before we begin any work, we properly prepare for each job by understanding the environment we are working in, the job requirements, and the hazards associated with the job. This includes having safety conversations before any project and any new task.


During the execution of any task, it is the responsibility of each worker to be aware of their surroundings and ensure that tasks are performed in a safe manner. Each jobsite has a designated On-Site Safety Officer, with up-to-date OSHA training completed, who ensures we are conforming to safe practices. Merit SI has designated a founder and senior management team member as our HS&E Officer, who is involved in vendor selection and management and conducts regular inspections at jobsites.

At the outset of every project, we engineer safety into our designs by specifying proven, safe and reliable equipment optimized for each site, and under manufacturer warranty for up to 25 years.  Merit SI hires industry-leading contractors with utility-scale solar PV experience and strong EMR Ratings, subject to each client’s approval.

“Our senior leadership team started our careers in the chemical, utility and heavy industrial segments, where the importance of workplace safety was broadly integrated into everything we did. Those core values remain with us today, as Merit SI strives to extend our commitment to safety into the fast-growing renewable energy industry.”

– Tom Kuster, CEO