Why Choose Merit?

Merit SI develops solar farms to provide clean, affordable energy to consumers. We enter long-term leases with landowners, who host our solar power equipment in exchange for an attractive long-term, predictable revenue stream. Our team has extensive experience working with landowners and many other stakeholders to develop and build energy infrastructure. First and foremost, we strive to establish and maintain positive relationships with landowners and local communities, as we view these relationships as the foundation for any successful project. Our approach is open, transparent, and responsive to landowner concerns. At the expiration of the lease, the land can be restored to its previous use.

“The solar farm Richard and his team developed works well with our neighboring gas and oil operations. It has proven to be a good use of land - it doesn't need water, it supports the bison, elk and other local wildlife, and has provided a solid and steady supplemental income to support other ranch activities.”

- Gus Holm, General Manager of Vermejo Park Ranch

“I’ve leased my land for a solar farm because harvesting the sun for energy will give my children and grandchildren a reliable source of income for decades to come, and it won’t interfere with their ability to farm the land after the lease ends.”

- Allen Gully, Farmer and Landowner for Concho Valley Solar