Utility-Scale Development

Today, large, global corporations and smaller businesses alike play a critical and unique leadership role in the creation of a sustainable, clean energy future. By procuring renewable energy to power their operations, corporates can address climate change concerns and contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Undoubtedly, their efforts have had a positive impact on power sector decarbonization. Solar deployment is now driven largely by corporate off-takers; the vast majority of corporate procurement of renewable energy has been secured via power purchase agreements (PPAs).

The Merit SI Approach

Like-minded to our corporate partners, the Merit SI ethos is grounded in advancing the clean energy transition. To that end, we leverage deep electricity market expertise to identify highly attractive renewable sites in Texas with unparalleled competitive advantage. By selectively developing only a handful of projects at any given time, we are able to execute with laser focus, from development through design, optimization and construction.

Our Disciplined Process and Selective Portfolio

Today, two of our utility-scale projects in development include the construction ready Concho Valley Solar, a 160 MW project located outside of San Angelo, TX and GulfStar Power Center, a 600 MW solar project located 50 miles south of downtown Houston. Beyond Texas, Merit is developing project sites in several states, which are similarly selected for their unique combination of market access, site attributes and favorable development environment.

In addition to the energy leadership and sustainability advantages, procuring energy via the GulfStar Power Center or Concho Valley Solar can help corporates meet increasingly stringent expectations, offers long-term asset efficiency and reliability, and reduces operational risk.

About Merit SI

Merit SI is a leading infrastructure enterprise dedicated to advancing the zero-carbon, clean energy economy. Our team’s expertise stems from 30+ years of critical energy infrastructure development, including more than a decade of engineering and building gigawatts of utility-scale solar projects. In addition, our advanced grid integration products and services de-risk and optimize clean energy plant performance. Today, the synergistic mix of our expertise, development services, modeling and power plant controls technology accelerates the global adoption of renewables while supporting a reliable, sustainable and future-proofed grid.

Our team has a long and successful track record of bringing projects like Concho Valley and GulfStar to fruition. Backed by years of experience and partners like Turner Renewable Energy, we have the financial and operational strength to do so.

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