Industrial operators require safe, reliable, and affordable energy. Merit SI’s engineered products provide a proven approach to low-cost and scalable solar PV power plants. Derived from our utility scale best practices, we deliver reliable and robust renewable energy solutions that empower clients to shift the paradigm of viewing electricity as an expense to a source of sustainable value. Contact us to see how these solutions will complement your operations.

Programmatic Solar

Our repeatable approach to solar PV plants has many benefits, such as:

  • Meaningful OPEX savings
  • Proven standard designs, including Merit SI SCADA
  • No effect to core operations
  • Low transactional costs

Energy Services Agreement

We think that energy should be treated as a service. Our Energy Services Agreement lowers your energy cost with:

  • Zero capital investment
  • 24/7 grid availability
  • A long-term price guarantee and
  • Flexible ownership structure


Merit SI’s complete SCADA package ensures reliable integration of solar with your current energy supply. Merit SI’s SCADA product provides:

  • Remote monitoring and control across all your sites
  • Cost efficient O&M service
  • Qualification to meet emerging grid interconnection and security standards

Energy Storage

Store energy when the sun shines! Energy storage maximizes the value of onsite solar.

  • Fight excessive demand charges
  • Improve onsite resiliency
  • Enable operational efficiencies