You will see how powerful a SCADA system can be with unique benefits such as unlimited points, displays, and devices.

Additionally, the extreme flexibility of the system makes so you never have to compromise again on what data points you want to record.


A SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) system acquires all of the information from the plant devices, such as power plant controller, inverters, converters, battery management systems, MET station sensors, and plant communications and also sends set points and commands to the power plant controller.

Standard Screens (with Custom Screens available!)

• Menu with navigation tree to traverse large plants or plant fleets.

• Plant Overview / SLD: The single line diagram screen is a general overview of the plant containing main measurements, such as plant active power, reactive power, and voltage.

• Alarming: Table view contains a list of all active alarms.

• Displays can be customized based on the customer requirements.

• Tabular: Retrieve all real time and historical data in a table view.