Power Plant Controller

The system is a platform for all generation types and the system can be augmented to facilitate solar PV, wind, energy storage, and hybrid combinations.

The Power Plant Controller acquires electrical measurements from power meter located at the Point of Interconnection (POI), accepts supervisory control commands from SCADA system, processes incoming information, and sends commands to the inverters to implement active power and frequency control and voltage and reactive power control.


The system will have monitoring and advanced control applications running on a US-built Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories SEL platform. The platform is engineered to manage the energy flow in the Point of Interconnction (POI) in accordance with the technical requirements.  The Power Plant Controller supports multiple communication protocols such as DNP3 serial and over TCP/IP, Modbus RTU & TCP, IEEE C37.118, IEC 61850 and others. IEEE C37.118 is used for single cycle phasor control.

The system can support NERC CIP Compliance, NERC MOD-026-1 (Voltage reference step test, Reactive reference step test, Shunt capacitor or reactor switching test), NERC MOD-027-1 (Frequency play-in), NERC MOD-025 (Capability Testing), NERC PRC-024, FERC 661/661A, and others grid integration requirements.

The system includes an integrated IEC 61131 programming environment for the automation controller which is a standard that defines the application programming development environment. IEC 61131-3 incorporates control logic with graphical functional diagrams, integrated communications configuration, on-line debugger and logs to run root cause analysis.